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Alien Folklife: News

Old Songs Sampler Concert - January 8, 2016

Saturday, January 23, 2016

We're very excited to be part of Old Songs' Sampler Concert on January 23, at 7:30 p.m. This is always a fun show, with a great raffle, as well! We haven't performed together in a LONG time, and we hope you will be there.

"Voices Remembered" Concert at Caffe Lena - July 1, 2010

Saturday, July 10

A Tribute to Steve Goodman, Dave Carter, Kate Wolf and Stan Rogers

featuring Joan Kosby, Stuart Markus, Susan Trump and Terry Kitchen

Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, New York will host this special tribute to four brilliant songwriters. All of them left us too soon, yet each left behind an incredible number of great songs. If you're not familiar with all of these wonderful writers, here's a little background on each:

Steve Goodman’s “City of New Orleans” was a big hit for Arlo Guthrie in 1972. Although Goodman never achieved much commercial success during his life, he was awarded two Grammies posthumously. Dave Carter was known for mystical, spiritual songs such as “When I Go,” but was equally at home with train and “road” songs. Kate Wolf wrote over two hundred songs in just fifteen years, including “Give Yourself to Love” and “Across the Great Divide.” Stan Rogers, one of Canada’s best-loved songwriters, created strikingly vivid portraits of working people, particularly those who labored at sea. He wrote such gems as “Barrett’s Privateers” and “The Mary Ellen Carter.”

Performers at this tribute are multi-instrumentalist and regional favorite Susan Trump, Falcon Ridge Festival regular Terry Kitchen, Stuart Markus from the up-and-coming trio Gathering Time, and Alien Folklife's Joan Kosby.

Click on the calendar link for further details about the show.

Alien Folklife Featured on Award-winning CD! - May 10, 2008

"WBCR Live, Volume 1," featuring Alien Folklife's song, "What If?" has won a Davey Award . Presented annually by the International Academy of Visual Artists, Davey Awards recognize outstanding work by smaller organizations. The CD, produced by WBCR in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, features live-in-the-studio cuts by such folk luminaries as Eliza Gilkyson, Guy Davis, Laura Love and Christine Lavin. "WBCR Live, Volume 1" was one of 13 CDs to receive a "Radio Gold" Davey, the top award.

Thanks to our friends Barbara and Graham Dean for inviting us on their show!

"Mission Accomplished" Stirs Controversy - April 21, 2008

Our newest song, "Mission Accomplished," about our all-too-fearless leader, has generally been getting a very positive response. At a recent performance, however, we got heckled after performing it. The heckler, not satisfied with yelling, among other things, "Why don't you write a song about Clinton?" (which one?), harangued the show's organizer. She politely--and repeatedly--told him that we, like everyone else in this country, have the right of free speech. He kept on at her as she was preparing refreshments after the show. Finally, as she was cutting the cake, she nicely told him it was not a good idea to yell at her when she had a knife in her hand. The man went away without another word.

We hope to have a demo soon. In the meantime, here are the "offending" lyrics:

Hey! What’s that book you’re readin’? Who’s that voice there on your phone?
What’s that website you been surfin’ when you thought you was alone?
Your privacy means nothin’; we got cameras, we got ears
We got fingers in the ballot box and I got four more years. . . four more years

Let’s rip into Alaska, boys, we’re gonna get that oil.
Forget about the air, the birds, the water and the soil
You tree huggers go take a hike, I see my vision clear
I am the great decider and I’m here for three more years. . . three more years

The final battle’s comin’ on, our flags are all unfurled
Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and soon we’ll own the world
It’s patriot or terrorist, no other choices here
No flip floppers, no cut-and-run, I got just two more years. . . two more years

I got one hand on the Bible, I got one hand one hand on the gun
I’m an angel out of Texas, and I’m looking for some fun
Unbelievers, evildoers, bow before me, quake in fear.
I got the power and the glory, and I still got one more year. . . one more year

Four. . . three. . . two. . . one
Mission accomplished!

Aliens on Compilation CD! - February 7, 2007

The compilation CD from the "Shine" competition (see below for details) is now available from CD Baby. The CD contains 17 cuts, including our ode to soap operas, "And Now a Word from Our Sponsor." Here's the link: Shine CD.

Paul Mercer, TV Star! - December 14, 2006

When he's not being a sensitive singer-songwriter, Paul serves as a senior librarian (hey, he's not that old!) with the New York State Library. Paul was interviewed recently by the History Channel about some of the library's amazing collections, including an original copy of the Emancipation Proclamation. We just got word that the show will air on December 17 at 7:30. Unfortunately, that's 7:30 a.m.

Aliens "Shine" in Showcase - October 23, 2006

On Saturday, October 21, we were part of the original music showcase, "Shine," which ran from 2-10 p.m. We were in the lovely--but unheated--Buhrmaster Barn at historic Pruyn House in Colonie, and it was cold!

The enthusiastic audience helped warm things up, though, and we had a great time. Our song "Hot Dog Heaven" was a big hit. We also heard one of the most innovative bands going, Happy Balky and the Good Livin'. Keep an eye out for these guys. We have a feeling they'll be going places!

Aliens on the Move Again - August 30, 2006

Last year we escaped from our reputed-mobster of a landlord, only to find ourselves about to be inundated with lead-and-asbestos laden renovation dust in our new apartment. So after only ten months, we have moved again. This (and some health problems) has taken a toll on our musical lives. Now our calendar is almost as bare as poor old Mother Hubbard's cupboard. We intend to rectify that, as we settle into our new place.

If there's a venue near you where you'd like to see us, we'd love to hear from you. Or, let them know!

Life is Stranger than Farts - March 22, 2006

Our song "Termite Farts" (recorded on our Down to Earth CD) was based, believe it or not, mostly on scientific fact. The last verse was the major exception--or so we thought.

So put away those pesticides, we've got a better plan
We'll harness all the termite toots and put 'em in a can
Trade fossil fuel for flatulence, make greenhouse gases pay
Put a termite in your tank and fart around all day

Imagine our amazement when we heard the following on the syndicated public radio program, "Pulse of the Planet": "It looks like the microbes that make their living in termite guts might be able to work on wood particles in ways that are beneficial to humans, too. . . . By studying the DNA of the gut microbes, [scientists] hope to discover how they produce hydrogen. One day, these odd-looking microbes found in the bellies of a very unpopular insect might provide the energy to power our cars - if not our homes."

Life really is stranger than farts!

(If you'd like to hear this song--and who wouldn't want to listen to a song about termite flatulence--just click on the music link. We've got lyrics and everything! And if you'd like to read the termite story quoted above, click here: Pulse of the Planet.)

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