"Mission Accomplished" Stirs Controversy

Our newest song, "Mission Accomplished," about our all-too-fearless leader, has generally been getting a very positive response. At a recent performance, however, we got heckled after performing it. The heckler, not satisfied with yelling, among other things, "Why don't you write a song about Clinton?" (which one?), harangued the show's organizer. She politely--and repeatedly--told him that we, like everyone else in this country, have the right of free speech. He kept on at her as she was preparing refreshments after the show. Finally, as she was cutting the cake, she nicely told him it was not a good idea to yell at her when she had a knife in her hand. The man went away without another word. We hope to have a demo soon. In the meantime, here are the "offending" lyrics: Hey! What’s that book you’re readin’? Who’s that voice there on your phone? What’s that website you been surfin’ when you thought you was alone? Your privacy means nothin’; we got cameras, we got ears We got fingers in the ballot box and I got four more years. . . four more years Let’s rip into Alaska, boys, we’re gonna get that oil. Forget about the air, the birds, the water and the soil You tree huggers go take a hike, I see my vision clear I am the great decider and I’m here for three more years. . . three more years The final battle’s comin’ on, our flags are all unfurled Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and soon we’ll own the world It’s patriot or terrorist, no other choices here No flip floppers, no cut-and-run, I got just two more years. . . two more years I got one hand on the Bible, I got one hand one hand on the gun I’m an angel out of Texas, and I’m looking for some fun Unbelievers, evildoers, bow before me, quake in fear. I got the power and the glory, and I still got one more year. . . one more year Four. . . three. . . two. . . one Mission accomplished!