Absolutely Serious. . . Seriously Funny

ALIEN FOLKLIFE presents a quirky blend of offbeat humorous pieces and heart-rending story songs. On the funny side, this duo of Joan Kosby and Paul Mercer writes songs about cats, dogs, soap operas, termites and telephones. On the flip side, their repertoire includes moving stories of loss, love, hope and healing. A few "normal" songs help keep things in balance. Wherever Alien Folklife is on the emotional spectrum, you'll find intelligent but accessible lyrics, creative arrangements, stellar vocal harmonies and heartfelt emotion.

A shared passion for contemporary and traditional folk music brought Canadian Paul Mercer and New Yorker Joan Kosby together. Joan's warm contralto and Paul's clear tenor combine to produce a vocal blend reminiscent of sibling duos. Their fingerstyle guitar work is crafted to support the lyrics without overshadowing them. Joan adds textural variety to Alien Folklife's sound with English concertina and percussion.

"The way Joan Kosby and Paul Mercer harmonize, given the specialness of their vocal blend, you just know they are two individuals who are very much in tune with one another. And this unique chemistry is utilized to the nth degree on some stunning original folk material." (Ellen Geisel, Dirty Linen)