What a complete songs set! From gorgeous ballads to the funnies. (I must admit I disgraced myself by laughing out so loud I woke people up!) It's a perfect package. Instantly comfortable and such lovely melodies--plus lyric writing skills of a rare standard these days. I absolutely love your album!” - Eddie O'Strange

— Town and Country Radio, New Zealand

Pick any song on their CD 'Down to Earth' and play a few notes. Within an instant, you feel like you have been reunited with some good friends. I was impressed by Paul and Joan's ability to deliver incredible imagery and stories in their thought-provoking songs. Listening to the CD is a wonderful journey and a trip you look forward to taking!” - Ron Olesko

— "Traditions," WFDU, Teaneck NJ

The fab folk duo of Joan Kosby and Paul Mercer has gathered together a collection of 11 original tunes that run the gamut from the sublime "'Brand New Strings," (a terrific tribute to Lena Spencer and the Caffe that bears her name) to the ridiculous ("Termite Farts," "And Now a Word from Our Sponsor.")” - Greg Haymes

— Times Union, Albany, NY

Alien Folklife provide the perfect mix. . . Be it the wistful nostalgia of "Dreamsong" or the curious conditionals of "What If," this music quickly finds a place in your heart. And just because a handful of these songs happen to be ridiculously entertaining, they are in no way creatively diminished. Take, for example, the quirky narratives of "And Now a Word from Our Sponsor." This summation of soap plots and advertisements radiates with humorous ingenuity. Alien Folklife write just what they want and do a darn good job at it.” - Ryan Hoffer, A & R

— Shut Eye Records

Double Vision is an illustration of [Alien Folklife's] songwriting talents. . . Lyrically inventive, playful at times ("Hot Dog Heaven," about a New Age bookstore turned hot dog stand), and agonizingly sad at others ("Sullivan Ballou's Last Letter Home," an adaptation of a Civil War love letter), each song paints a vivid picture.” - Annette C. Eshleman

— Dirty Linen (August/September 1997)

. . . Alien Folklife, a.k.a. Joan Kosby and Paul Mercer, whose songs manage to sound introspective, melodic and (often) fun, all at the same time. A high point of the early festival was hearing [them] perform Mercer's passionate "Johnny Burke," which was included on Herdman, Hills and Mangsen's gorgeous Voices recording.” - Ellen Geisel

— Dirty Linen (December 1996/January 1997)

NICE WORK! What a fine collection of songs, and beautifully produced, too!” - Peter Berryman

— songwriter (Lou and Peter Berryman)

Alien Folklife was truly superb--a combination of all the right things: beautiful music, humorous (more than just humorous it was a kind of clever funny that is high level entertainment), likeable and real people. . . Though I'm the last person to make an impulse purchase, I HAD to buy their CD. . .Wow!” - Susan F. Sharin, Eastford, CT

— Email

Fine harmonies. . . catchy tunes and finely honed words. . . Alien Folklife does not come from a far-off planet; rather, it is earthy and endearing.” - Jonas Kover

— Observer-Dispatch, Utica, NY

The way Joan Kosby and Paul Mercer harmonize, given the specialness of their vocal blend, you just know they are two individuals who are very much in tune with each other. And this unique chemistry is utilized to the nth degree on some stunning original folk material.” - Ellen Geisel

— Dirty Linen (June/July 1992)