From the recording Down to Earth


Jeremy and Shannon had an unexpected guest
Grant confronted Mindy who reluctantly confessed
Steffi staged an accident on Laura’s wedding day
The trial threatened Dixie’s health and Brian threatened Kay
Rick told Brock that Jack was sick and Nikki was a fake
Paula found passion at the hospital with Jake
Meanwhile, in the shadows, there’s a stranger with a secret
Sponsored by brighter, bolder colors… in your toilet… freshens breath

Alan, who’s engaged to Stacy, had a tryst with Kim
Kim, who’s really Marsha, thinks that Alan’s really Jim
Jim went undercover to get the goods on Hank
Who blackmailed Bo, who shot Fitzsimmons, who had robbed the bank
Tina’s topless turn-on fell flat with Father Flynn
Paula found passion in a gondola with Tony’s evil twin
Meanwhile, in the alley, there’s a finger on the trigger
Sponsored by ask your doctor…what’s in your toaster?…baby wipes

Lacy faked her pregnancy but found out Henry knows
Fiona fled the clinic with the frozen embryos
Vicki caught the virus…Sonia had a seizure
Todd woke up in Rio with Alonzo and amnesia
Becky bit a biker’s nose off in a barroom brawl
Paula found passion at the circus with Fernando, the human cannonball
Meanwhile, danger’s lurking at the mansion on the island
Sponsored by foaming cleanser…sticks like magic…tastes like cheese

Todd regained his memory and suddenly he knew
Where Lilly hid the money from the bank job in verse two
Muffy learned that in a past life she was Mao Tse Tung
Dee discovered she’s been dead since 1991
Satan spoke to Trucker through the fillings in his teeth
Paula found passion in a motel room in Vegas, with a man she thought was Mark,
The husband of her best friend, but Mark was bound and gagged
On a spaceship to Uranus, and the man whose passion thrilled her
Turned out to be a lizard underneath
Meanwhile, there’s a package in the back seat and it’s ticking
Sponsored by unsightly dandruff…in your coffee…kills ‘em dead