1. Dreamsong

From the recordings Dreamsong and Down to Earth


I dreamed a song, but when I woke, the words had slipped away
And left me with a sad refrain in the bitter light of day
I mourned the loss of word and rhyme, my tune had fled and gone
What the night had freely given had been stolen by the dawn

I dreamed of you again last night upon that starry hill
I took your hand and said, "My friend, you know I miss you still"
Again I woke, again I wept to know I'll never see
Your face again, or touch your hand, except in memory

No door ever closes, I've ofttimes heard it said
But another door will open up, and so we move ahead
As I reach to turn the key, I take a piece of the past and carry it with me

Now as I write another song from my old dream refrain
I feel your presence close at hand and I'm at peace again
For part of you remains with me, like half-remembered dreams of songs
The past, the future, draw together and I carry on

The past, the future, draw together and they keep me strong