1. In an Instant

From the recordings In an Instant and Down to Earth


It happened in an instant, but it changed your whole life
You walked through the valley of death and came out the other side
Your body torn and shattered, but your spirit strong and true
And those who love you best never gave up on you

Chorus: And it’s been a hard road and an awful climb
It’s been a long, hard road, and I know there must have been times
You thought you’d never make it, you were weary to the bone
But love was always near, you were never alone

Some you thought would be there couldn’t stand the pain
They slipped away into your past, never came back again
For you remind us of how fragile our own lives can be
But there are those who face their fear, and know that sets them free


Bridge: Bitterness and anger might have caught you in their snare
Robbed you of your hope, and torn your love apart
But you found your way back home to joy and compassion
And you reached out your hand and opened up your heart

As I travel on my journey, there are times I feel lost
My body often fails me, and my spirit pays the cost
Then I remember how you fought back, how your courage pulled you through
And I step out on the path ahead, and try to follow you


It happened in an instant