1. The Old Town

From the recordings The Old Town and Down to Earth



Walking from the station to the old town
Where polished glass and chrome give way to quiet cobbled streets
With the eyes of fifty years ago I search for you
In a distant world where once we used to meet
Standing by the courthouse in the old town
I close my eyes and try so hard to bring you back again
Till your memory comes clicking down the cobblestones
And somewhere on the breeze I hear your name

The bandstand in the park in the old town
Stands ghostly in its silence in the February light
And I strain to catch the echoes of the old brass band
And the scent of flowers on a summer night
Our future shone before us in the distance
As shadows that we could not see drew closer in the dark
Till everything was shadow and no dream was spared
Except the one I shelter in my heart

At the café by the market in the old town
Old men still sip coffee as the sun begins to fade
Outside the curtained window shoppers hurry by
And I join the old ones watching the parade
Even though I know I'll never find you
I'm haunted by the promise I made so long ago
And I walk the old town pulled along by memories
As crocuses push through the melting snow