1. Summer Dress

From the recording Down to Earth


At last the laundry’s folded and packed away in bags
That summer dress she used to love, now it’s almost gone to rags
Disintegrating like her dreams, falling thread from thread
A faded field of wild flowers, yellow, blue and red

If you ask about the bruises, she’ll say she fell downstairs
And joke about her clumsiness to cover her despair
But the cold fluorescent light reveals what words cannot disguise
The look of shame behind her smile, the sorrow in her eyes


You wish that you could rescue her as she struggles out the door
You stand there watching, helpless, as she drives away
Still the future you imagine is not the one she has in store
Everybody has a breaking point, and she reached hers today

There’ll be dinner for her husband, tonight when he comes home
A table set for one, some letters by the phone
But except for one old summer dress, no trace of her he’ll find
It’s hanging there with all her dreams and the life she left behind